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OpenGL Screencast 6 - Drawing in 3D part 1 - GLUT objects

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In this screencast, I discuss drawing in 3D using GLUT objects. I also show how to add a menu in GLUT.

Functions used include: glutCreateMenu(), glutAddMenuEntry(), glutAttachMenu(), glRasterPos3d(), glutWireSphere(), glutSolidSphere(), glutWireCube(), glutSolidCube(), glutWireCone(), glutSolidCone(), glutWireTorus(), glutSolidTorus(), glutWireIcosahedron(), glutSolidIcosahedron(), glutWireOctahedron(), glutSolidOctahedron(), glutWireTetrahedron(), glutSolidTetrahedron(), glutWireDodecahedron(), glutSolidDodecahedron(), glutWireTeapot(), glutSolidTeapot()

The code is available to download on Github

Download the screencast, 20.7 MB .mov

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Try modifying objSlices and objStacks to see how the objects change!

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