David W Parker - Developer

about me

Last updated: 2/9/2014

I’m a Christian, software developer / programmer / engineer, and entrepreneur.

I’m happily married to a Speech Pathologist. She helps old people, which I think is awesome that she is able to improve others’ lives.

I am currently the CTO and cofounder of the startup Uvize, where I do full-stack developer. Most of my time developing AngularJS and Ruby on Rails.

Outside the startup, my main interests are WebGL and Indie Game Development.

In Spring 2013, I completed grad school at the University of Colorado in Boulder, with dual-degrees, with both a Masters of Science in Computer Science and a Masters of Business Administration.

Previously, my recent interests were OpenGL, Android, and iOS development.

In the realm of OpenGL, I’ve mostly used C. I have several screencasts on Youtube and have several projects on Github, including a Tower Defense game (code).

As far as Android goes, I have two apps on the Market right now: Mortgage Calculator and Ideal Tracker (Workout Journal)).

I’ve done varied work with iOS, but have nothing in the App Store right now. The majority of my work has been with Cocos2d, which is an excellent framework.

In general, I love coding in Ruby, Python, and JavaScript.

Further in the past, I’ve done a ton of programming in Java, specifically J2EE. Glad to be away from J2EE, though I really don’t mind doing Android development at all.

In the future, I really want to learn Go, Clojure, Erlang, and Haskell. I think too many people use a magic hammer for all their work, instead of using the right tool for the job. And unless your name is Thor, you’re not allowed to do that.