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Facebook style, unobtrusive ajax pagination for will_paginate with jQuery

I really like the ‘pagination’ that Facebook provides on their status tab. It’s not true ‘pagination’ in that the result set is changed, but it does add additional results to the bottom of the set.

Facebook Bottomless Pagination

If you want to just change the result set and not add to it (with will_paginate), then I suggest checking out Chris’ solution here, otherwise, read on…

Anyway, I went ahead and created a plugin for jQuery based on the wonder Rails plugin will_paginate. Introducing, jquery-bottomless-pagination.

Usage: You should already be using the will_paginate plugin. Then, be sure to include the javascript plugin:

= javascript_include_tag 'jquery.bottomlesspagination.js'

Here are the optional settings (displayed below are the defaults):

  • ajaxLoaderPath is the path to your image which will be displayed while the ajax call is being made.
  • results is the CSS selector that jQuery will use to append the results of the ajax call to.
  • objName is the name of the object that you would like displayed in the phrase “Show more (objName)…” and “There are no more (objName) to add…”
  • callback is a function which you can provide to perform extra functions after the objects are appended, such as adding highlight or zebra effects.

All of these settings can be utilized similarly to the following (this would be in your application.js file or something):

$.bottomlessPagination({objName:'rows', callback:function(){
  //highlight current row
  $(".results li").hover(function() {
  }, function() {

You may need to provide something like the following for Rails.

  'beforeSend': function(xhr) {

On the rails side of things, in your controller, just return the partial which iterates through your returned objects:

def index
  @objects = Object.paginate :page => params[:page]
  respond_to do |format|
    #ajax response
    format.js { render :template => 'objects/_index_objects.html.haml'}

and the partial:

- for object in @object
    Your stuff here

That’s it. Be sure to check out the plugin in its entirety on Github. Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!