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Re-acquiring Focus

It’s been a while since I’ve had regular technical posts here, and I thought that I’d address my remedy to that really quick.

I recently wanted to become a bit better at JavaScript so I began solving some of the Project Euler problems. Well, that was fine and all, but what I really wanted was to learn the JavaScript language/API. I didn’t necessarily just want to flex my math skills. Well, that’s what I felt like I was doing. Sure, I didn’t get very far and I may go back to it, but until then…

I’m planning on learning Ruby. Now, I’ve been doing Rails for nearly 2.5 years now, but I never took the time to formerly learn the language. So, that’s where my primary focus will be in the near future. I just started reading The Ruby Programming Language (Amazon) and I’ll be solving some of the Project Euler problems in Ruby as well.

My secondary focus will still be on JavaScript. I recently installed CouchDB and CouchApp on Ubuntu 9.04 and I’m enjoying playing with Sofa. When I’m not feeling like reading up on Ruby, I’ll be working on my own CouchApp.

Most likely, I’ll be leaving for a weekend in early May and I’ll be gone for 2.5 weeks in May in Europe, but expect regular updates before and after then.