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And then it was March

Well, I promised to have some Sinatra, XMPP (xmpp4r), and jabber goodness out, but I really haven’t worked on that in the last couple of months. Rather, I’ve been working a lot with Django again, but this time more adamant about getting projects done.

As this post is more about my life, I just wanted to say that starting tomorrow, I’m going to be re-organizing this blog. The main feed will still be about software development and will be served via feedburner. I’ll also be setting a couple of other categories up through which I’ll be blogging: Christianity, Entrepreneurship, Fitness, Life, and Money, and perhaps a feed for everything else. I’d rather not spam my main “tech” blog, and I don’t want/need to create a bunch of different blogs to do this. So that’s the plan for tomorrow.

Additionally, I’ve been doing a good bit figuring out why I’ve been failing at some of my goals. I think the number one reason is that I fail to write them down, and even when I do write them down, I fail to put them in a public place where I’ll see them regularly. So that’s going to change.

I’ve tried starting several new habits (such as blogging) and it’s tough. So I’ve adopted Giles Bowkett’s form of using a calendar. I’ve only just begun using a calendar in the middle of this week, but I have a feeling that it’s going to pay off in the long run.

That said, this is my final non-tech blog post on my tech blog. Hopefully I’ll have something techie to write about soon.