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Converted Blog to HTML5

As promised, I’ve converted this blog to HTML5. Now this doesn’t mean that I just converted the doctype… no, actually, if you view source, then you will see that I actually am using the new tags such as <code><article></code>, <code><header></code>, etc. It’s actually kind of exciting, as I feel like I’m ahead of the game for once.

That said, to make the changes, I followed Mark Pilgram’s book Dive Into HTML5. If you’re a developer, programmer, designer, whatever, then I fully recommend checking out the book. It’s extremely detailed, and if you think that it’s as helpful as I have (so far), then you’ll undoubtedly be giving Mark your money when the dead-tree version comes out.

Today marks my second day of actually learning Emacs as well. So far, I’ve gone through the entire “basic” tutorial provided with Emacs and made it my default text-editor. So far, I haven’t really gotten into the whole macros thing yet, but I’m pretty excited about it. I modified a good bit of code for my changes today (I had stuff spread out) and I was really quick to learn the basic keybindings. I’m getting pretty decent at understanding the Emacs buffer and switching files/buffers very quick. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be sticking with it- especially once I learn the awesomeness that is macro-building.