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Where are the Django Standards?

I guess the title is my question. Really not more to say than that. I’m really trying to find a standard way that Django does things: specifically, I’d like to know where the majority of my business/domain logic goes?

So far, I’ve read and looked at Django Book, Pinax Project, and The Django Documentation, and to my dismay, they’ve all been a little bit different. I also tried posting to the Django Google Group and I didn’t receive any help there either. I really just want to conform to the standard here…

As I come from a Rails background, I’ve decided to use that as my standard until I find something in the Django realm. I’ve been placing as much business logic as possible in the models, to maintain a skinny controller (Views in Django). It’s worked out extremely well and I feel the code is a lot more “Testable” as well.

Anyway, if anyone who’s a stellar Django developer wants to let me know that I’m doing it wrong, feel free to e-mail me or message me on Twitter.