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Lost - The Television Show - My Questions and Answers

Note: Major LOST spoilers below

This is PART 1. See Part 2.

First of all, yes, I know that Lost ended in May 2010. I watched the Finale the night it ended. I didn’t start watching Lost until 2009. I knew I wanted to watch it, and that I would most likely enjoy it. But I hate shows that make you wait week after week in order to enjoy the entire storyline and the cliffhangers and blah blah blah. So I timed it so I would only have to watch the final season (season 6) week-to-week. It was still annoying, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Before I started watching Lost, one of the things that I heard was that Lost gave a lot of questions but never answered them. So I set out to write down each and every question that I came up with while watching the show, for each episode. I also set about writing down the answers to said questions, and which season they answered my question during. It was actually interesting to do. Below are all my thoughts on Lost, which I wrote down between 2009 and 2010 immediately after the finale.

PDF link (30 pages, 422kb) to my Lost Q&A.

TV - Lost



  • *-* after episode number indicates how much I enjoyed the episode
    • before episode number indicates completely answered questions for the episode
  • ** before episode number indicates that I’m guessing the other questions won’t be answered.
  • ? indicates question
  • – general comment
  • – #.##, (Season.Episode) answers to questions
  • MiB/Flocke = Man in Black/False Locke
  • FF = Flash Forward
  • FB = Flash Back
  • N = Now
  • OW = Old World
  • NW = New World

Characters (never did put anything in about season 6):

Jack (Science)
  • season 1: level headed most of the time. Kind of emotional and annoying at times.
  • season 2: Always emotional and annoying. Doesn’t use his brain.
  • season 3: Uses his brain on a couple of occasions. I’m impressed. Sometimes emotional.
  • season 4: Becomes a little better (emotionally). Drug addict!
  • season 5: Much more down-played… he’s less important (though still a leader)
  • season 1: way too emotional and annoying.
  • season 2: Still way too emotional and annoying… cools off a bit later on.
  • season 3: Okay. He dies.
  • season 4: n/a
  • season 5: still dead. Reveals himself to Hurley sometimes.
  • season 1: Cool most of the time.
  • season 2: Okay.
  • season 3: Okay.
  • season 4: Mad at Jack.
  • season 5: Way to emotional about Aaron.
  • season 1: Annoying at first, mostly cool towards the end of first season.
  • season 2: Okay most of the time.
  • season 3: Pretty cool. Loves Kate.
  • season 4: Doesn’t know what he wants.
  • season 5: Becomes much more organized/respectable.
Locke (Faith)
  • season 1: way too focused on what he wants. a bit of mystery to him (how can he walk???)
  • season 2: pretty cool… kind of reaching for the stars a bit (in his own little world). Faith disrupted mid/end season.
  • season 3: Meh
  • season 4: Stepping up to become a leader (of the others)
  • season 5: Dead, but comes back (on the island). Very mysterious.
Michael (Science)
  • season 1: overly protective father. Rather annoying.
  • season 2: Extremely annoying and quite unbelievable as a plot character. Overly protective/etc.
  • season 3: n/a
  • season 4: wants redemption for leaving the people on the island. Dies.
  • season 5: n/a
Walt (Faith)
  • season 1: What makes him special? a bit of mystery to him too.
  • season 2: only in ep.2.22
  • season 5: safe, off the island.
  • season 1: Very helpful. I like her.
  • season 2: ditto.
  • season 3: more in control, but revealed to be not-so-good (in the relationship).
  • season 4: okay.
  • season 5: she’s grown some balls.
  • season 1: Only wants what is best for Sun. Overly protective in the beginning. Cooler later.
  • season 2: Alright.
  • season 3: less in control
  • season 4: Just wants Sun to get to safety. Father. He dies.
  • season 5: Not dead. Actually washed up on shore in 1970s.
Hurley (Faith)
  • season 1: Funny and has an interesting connection with ‘the numbers’. I like him so far.
  • season 2: ditto.
  • season 3: ditto.
  • season 4: ditto.
  • season 5: ditto.
Sayid (Science)
  • season 1: Smart. Keeps his cool. I like him so far.
  • season 2: ditto. The only person who thinks rationally on the island it seems.
  • season 3: he should be a leader.
  • season 4: working for Ben???
  • season 5: little less intelligent than normal.
  • season 1: annoying throughout the season.
  • season 2: Dead.
  • season 1: Shannon’s brother who wanted her. Dead.
Danielle Rousseau
  • season 1: French chick. Meh.
  • season 2: (limited). Meh.
  • season 3: (limited). Meh.
  • season 4: she dies.
  • season 5: young Rousseau- kind of feel bad for her.
Desmond (Hatch)
  • season 2: limited. Seems interesting.
  • season 3: able to see the future (to a degree?)
  • season 4: just there… pretty emotional.
  • season 5: too emotional.
Ana Lucia (Back of plane)
  • season 2: arrogant/annoying mostly. Killed end of season.
Mr. Eko (Back of plane)
  • season 2: generally cool-headed. Only annoying towards the end of the season.
  • season 3: dead.
Tom (alias Zeke. Others)
  • season 3: pretty alright guy. Killed end of season.
  • season 4: helped get Michael back to the island.
Ben (alias Henry Gale. Others. 2.23: leader)
  • season 2: Conniving and interesting.
  • season 3: Been on the island his whole life? (nope)
  • season 4: Very interesting. Huge grudge match with Charles Whitmore.
  • season 5: Still manipulative.
Juliet (Others)
  • season 3: Very interesting wild card. Not really an other, but brought to the island to help with the breeding.
  • season 4: Seems like she knows more than someone who has been on the island more than three months.
  • season 5: knows latin.
Richard Alpert (Others)
  • season 3: (Dark hair guy). Watched Locke grow up.
  • season 4: Lower level leader of the Others.
  • season 5: still a leader of the Others.
Mikhail (Others)
  • season 3: doesn’t ‘die’ very easily. Killed at end of season.
Charles Widmore (Old Other)
  • season 4: he’s an Other! Wants to get back at Ben.
  • season 5: wants to get back at Ben.
Penny Widmore
  • season 4: meh
  • season 5: meh
  • season 4: Dude’s got a ‘tude.
  • season 5: Goes with the flow most of the time.
Daniel Faraday
  • season 4: Crazy scientist. Love it.
  • season 5: Thinker. Shot by mom.

Season Overview

  • Season 1: Island, Monsters, Numbers, Hatch, Faith/Science
  • Season 2: Tail-ies, Inside the Hatch, Button, Dharma Initiative
  • Season 3: Factions/Cliques, Changing Sides, Others
  • Season 4: Flash forwards, Separated by Time
  • Season 5: Where in time is X? Dharma Begins
  • Season 6: We have a solution for everything


  • ? what is the point of keeping secrets on the island?

  • —Hurley not sharing numbers (up to end of 1.24)

  • —Sawyer not telling Jack he met his father (up to 1.23)

  • —Lock not telling others about the hatch (up to 1.21)

  • —what’s up with each person getting their “I’m an outcast moment/episode?”

  • —why do these morons walk by themselves on island?

  • ? who has heard the voices (the whispers)?

  • —Shannon, Sayid, Mr. Eko, Ana Lucia, Danielle, Sawyer, Michael, Jun

  • —are the voices Jacob (4)?

  • —6.12, the whispers are the voices of those “stuck” on the island who can’t move on.

  • ? who has seen the monster?

  • —Locke, Mr. Eko, Charlie, Kate (3), Juliet (3)

  • —apparently, the monster has some kind of fear/disability against the sonic barriers (3)

  • —6.X, EVERYONE

Crime/Moral failure (through season 3)

  • ? killed someone?
  • —Jack: inadvertently, as a doctor choosing to save his former wife (not wife at the time though) versus saving Boone/Shannon’s dad
  • —Kate: blew up her dad. Inadvertently killed her childhood crush when she was running from the law and he got shot.
  • —Sawyer: admitted to killing people, haven’t seen it (as of 3.13), killed Locke’s dad (on the island, 3.19)
  • —Jin: inadvertently killed Sun’s cheating boyfriend (3.2) (made him commit suicide). He also beat another guy harshly.
  • —Hurley: inadvertently killed several people due to his weight collapsing a pier. Killed Others on the island.
  • —Sayid: killed others as a soldier. Killed Others on the island.
  • —Ana Lucia: killed a guy who had attacked her as a cop. Also accidentally killed Shannon (on the island).
  • —Mr. Eko: killed people as a drug lord.
  • —Claire: inadvertently killed her mom in a car accident.
  • —Nikki and Paulo: killed a movie director for an $8 million worth of diamonds.
  • —Charlie: killed Ethan (on the island).
  • —Michael: killed Ana Lucia and Libby (on the island). was never a ‘real’ father.
  • —Locke: inadvertently killed Boone (on the island)
  • ? (also):
  • —Sun: cheated on Jin (3.2)
  • —Charlie: does drugs.
  • —Shannon: regularly lied to her brother to get money.
  • —Boone: was in love with his stepsister.
  • —Desmond: defected from the Scottish? Army (2.23)

Season 1

*pilot (1.1 & 1.2)

  • ? what’s up with the polar bear?
  • —(guesstimate, 1.14, did Walt ‘create’ it out of thin air? Like the bird (but his was from the comic?))
  • —3.X, they were on the other mini-island as research for the Dharma Initiative
  • ? what’s up with the dead french girl (16 years)?
  • —1.9, Danielle Roussoue. Not dead.
  • ? what is the monster?
  • —1.9, Danielle said there is no monster…?
  • —1.23, Danielle said it is a ‘security system’ for the island
  • —1.24, is it mechanical or something else?
  • —2.10, it’s the crazy smoke monster!!!
  • —5.1, it is the MiB… the “evil” man in black compared to the ‘light’ Jacob.


  • ? what did Kate do in her past?
  • —1.12, kill someone
  • —1.23, ‘killed’ her childhood sweetheart (while running from the law)

**1.4 Locke

  • ? how can Locke walk?
  • —2.19, there is a ‘healing force’ on the island that apparently healed Locke
  • ? how did Locke lose his ability to walk in the first place?
  • —3.13, Locke’s dad pushed him out of an eight story building
  • ? is Locke a real Colonel?
  • ? did Locke really see ‘the monster’ or what?
  • —1.24, he certainly saw it in 1.24
  • ? who is the guy in the suit?
  • —1.5, Jack’s dead dad. Is he really dead?
  • —6.13, no it’s the MiB


  • ? why was Jack’s dad’s coffin empty?
  • —6.X, possessed by MiB?

**1.6 Sun/Jin

  • ? what does the Korean guy do for his father-in-law?
  • —1.17, he attacked the Dept of Transportation guy to ‘deliver a message’
  • ? what’s up with the skeletons that Jack found? (Adam and Eve)
  • —6.15, they’re the MiB and his mom (Jacob’s “mom” and brother)
  • ? why did Jack keep the stones on the skeletons?


  • ? who hit Sayid to stop him from locating the source of the signal?
  • —1.21 Locke


  • none


  • ? who are they that Danielle talks about?
  • —1.23, the others. So, who are the others?
  • ? did Danielle really kill them all (her coworkers/etc)?
  • —1.9, yes.
  • ? what sickness did they have?
  • —2.1, something that was from the quarantine (hatch)?
  • —2.15, the others know about the sickness too. They have some kind of vaccine.
  • ? what are the voices all about?
  • —1.20, so far, Danielle, Sayid, and Sawyer have heard the voices
  • —2.1, Shannon heard them too
  • —2.6, All of the people from the back of plane heard them. So did Michael and Jun.


  • ? who is Ethan?
  • —2.15, he is definitely an other
  • ? Is Ethan Danielle’s son Alex? (too old… should be 16 years old)
  • —no. She had a girl.
  • ? why must Claire raise her child?
  • —4.4, it appears that once they’re off the island, Kate is raising Aaron.


  • ? why do ‘they/Ethan’ want Claire? (For the baby?)
  • —1.24, is it really Claire they wanted? Perhaps it was for Walt?
  • ? what is the metal thing that Boone and Locke found?
  • —1.13, a ‘hatch’… what’s in the hatch?
  • —1.18, the hatch had “the numbers” on it…
  • —2.2, the numbers are used to stop the countdown inside the hatch too (for the Dharma Initiative)


  • ? who did Kate kill? why?
  • —1.23, ‘killed’ her childhood sweetheart (while running from the law)

1.13 Boone/Shannon

  • ? why did Locke drug Boone the way he did?
  • ? what did Locke mean to Boone when he said he had to let her go?

*1.14 Walt/Michael

  • ? how is Walt special?
  • —1.22, he has some kind premonition/future seeing ability? (Saw the hatch)
  • ? what is the black rock?
  • —1.18, there is a radio tower there.
  • —1.23, it is an old boat, with mining equipment and dynamite.
  • ? where has Claire been? How did she escape?
  • —2.15, captured/drugged by the others. Released/escaped with Danielle

1.15 *** Charlie

  • ? is there an ulterior motive/reason for Charlie killing Ethan?
  • —guesstimate, as of 3.4, I don’t think he has one
  • ? does Charlie know more than he leads on?
  • —guesstimate, as of 3.4, I don’t think he does

*1.16 **** Sawyer

  • ? why didn’t Sawyer tell Jack that he met his father?
  • —1.23, Sawyer tells Jack

*1.17 **** Jin/Sun

  • ? why did Walt burn the raft?
  • —1.17, because he likes it there and he doesn’t want to move
  • ? why was Hurley on the TV?
  • —1.18, he won the huge lottery.

*1.18 * Hurley

  • 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
  • ? what do the numbers mean?
  • —2.2, the numbers stop the timer, but what do they mean?
  • ? did the numbers really make the plane crash?
  • —2.23, probably not. It was probably the electromagnetic field due to Desmund not pushing the button in time.
  • ? why doesn’t Hurley share the numbers with the others? Fear of them hurting the others?
  • —1.24, I’m suspecting that Hurley starts to share them with others (since he shouted the numbers are bad!)
  • —2.1, shares with Jack… Jack doesn’t really believe him.
  • —Danielle heard the numbers too. She recorded over the numbers at the radio tower (black rock)
  • —the numbers are also on the hatch

1.19 ** Locke

  • ? why is Locke losing his ability to walk again?
  • —guesstimate, 1.19, the Island wants him to?
  • ? who did Boone get in contact with on the radio before being hurt?
  • —2.7, the people from the back of the plane.

*1.20 *** Jack

  • ? what happens/ed to Jack’s wife?
  • —1.23, they ‘were’ married… what happened?
  • —2.11, she is seeing someone else and leaves Jack
  • —3.1, she was filing for a divorce and Jack was going insane

*1.21 *** Sayid

  • ? why is Locke still not sharing the hatch with the others?
  • —1.21 Locke shares w/Sayid at the very end, others in 1.22/1.23
  • —how did Shannon know where the guns were? (plot error?)

*1.22 *** Kate

  • ? what/how did Walt see/know about the Hatch?
  • —why does Walt believe that it should not be opened?
  • —1.24, Hurley tells Locke not to open the hatch too.

1.23/1.24 *** Assorted

  • —best episodes yet

  • —it’s totally lame that Charlie took some of the heroin.

  • ? what were black smoky things?

  • —2.10, the monster!

  • ? who were the people in the boat?

  • —2.11, the others!

  • —was ‘the boy’ Walt and not Claire’s boy?

  • ? is the monster a machine or something else?

  • —it’s the black smoky thing!

  • ? are the caves all intertwined underneath the island/where the monster was trying to drag Locke?

  • —this is where the hatch leads?

  • ? how does Locke know that Hurley’s name is Hugo?

  • —2.11, Hurley gave him the manifest after he took the census.

  • ? how did the Black Rock boat get into the middle of the island?

  • —6.9, it was a crazy storm when Richard came to the island.

  • See why I love this show.

  • The obvious question that they just started to discuss is why are they even on the island? Sure it’s obvious, but is it a govt plot? Some kind of greater magnanimous act to save them?

Season 2

  • ? what is the Dharma Initiative really about?
  • —3.20, doing some ‘research’ on the island obviously (what is it though?)
  • —5.X, something to do with the electromagnetic fields.

*2.1 * Jack

  • ? who’s Desmond? the guy Jack knew from the past in the hatch?
  • —2.23, a Scotsman. Dishonorably discharged from army.
  • ? what’s all the stuff in the hatch?
  • —2.1, Desmond’s living arrangements. left over stuff from the Dharma Initiative.

*2.2 *** Michael

  • ? why/how is Desmond in the hatch?
  • —2.3, he got there while doing his world travels… shipwrecked, etc.
  • ? did all the people Desmond came with also die from some disease (like Danielle)?
  • —2.23, He came alone.

*2.3 **** Locke

  • ? why/how is the girl from the back of the plane working with the Others?
  • —2.4, are the Others all from the back of the plane?
  • —2.5, it isn’t the Others
  • ? who are the Others? why are the Others so savage?
  • —2.5, that wasn’t the Others, but the Others are still out there.
  • ? what happens for real if the code is not input into the computer in the hatch?
  • —2.17, it goes into a ‘Lockdown’ mode and then…?
  • —2.23, it goes into Lockdown mode and then the electromagnetic field is not discharged. If the code is input, then it is discharged. The plane crashed due to the code not being input in time.
  • —5.15, re-affirms the electromagnetic field (2.23)
  • ? does Desmond know about ‘the others’? Where did he go?
  • —2.23, Yes, but I don’t think he’s met them. He went to his boat to try to escape, but never found his way.

*2.4 *** Hurley/Hugo

  • ? what happened to the people from the back of the plane that didn’t make it (of the 23?)
  • —did the disease get them? or the monster on the island?
  • —2.5, I believe it is the others

2.5 Jin/Sun

  • —epic failisode

*2.6 ** Shannon

  • —Shannon is ridiculous. Why are people still running through the raining forest (where there are others, monsters, polar bears, etc)?

2.7 * Catch-up of back end plane peeps

  • ? what did Goodwin mean when he said they took the best of the best (from the survivors)?

*2.8 ** Ana Lucia

  • —why is Ana Lucia so freaking annoying? (just like everyone else, it seems)
  • —how does Jack know everyone? (seemingly)

2.9 Kate

  • ? what happens if they contact others with the computer?
  • —guesstimate 3.4, absolutely nothing
  • ? why was the orientation video sliced to not include information?
  • ? who is Michael chatting with on the computer? Is it really Walt?
  • —guesstimate 2.22, I’m thinking that it really was Walt

*2.10 *** Mr. Echo

  • —why is Charlie acting stupid (hiding lots of drugs)?
  • —the monster really revealed! (The crazy smoke monster)

*2.11 **** Jack

  • —and yet again, Michael is being stupid.
  • —why can’t they all just get along?
  • ? who is Zeke? (leader of the others?)
  • —2.17, not the leader.

2.12 Charlie

  • —epic failisode

*2.13 *** Sawyer

  • —none

*2.14 **** Sayid

  • —Jack is freaking annoying and way too emotional.
  • ? who is the other that they captured?
  • —2.17, Henry Gale (3.1 Ben)

2.15 ** Claire

  • —why does the group let individuals open the door alone to Henry Gale?
  • —why did Mr. Echo need to ask for forgiveness?
  • ? what happened to the other hatch?
  • —the other hatch looked abandoned…
  • ? the theatrical glue was Dharma provided (it looked like it was what Zeke was using). What was that about?
  • ? how many of the others are really doctors? Is Ethan really a doctor?
  • —3.4, at least one other: Juliet is a fertility doctor.

*2.16 ** Sun

  • —interesting to hear Locke mention that it was ‘his hatch’
  • —3.2, Sun DID cheat on her husband

2.17 ** Locke

  • ? what did Locke see on the giant door things?
  • —2.21, a map with multiple Dharma stations on it.
  • ? did Henry Gale kill the black “Henry Gale”?
  • —podcast Aug 2, 2007 (after season 3 finale), they say that they don’t know.
  • ? did Henry Gale do something to actually make the doors go up?
  • ? why didn’t Henry Gale run away?
  • ? is Henry Gale an Other ‘mole’ planted inside the normal’s place, such that they are supposed to know that he is an Other?
  • ? who is Henry Gale really?
  • —3.2, Ben and he’s lived on the island his whole life.
  • —3.20, Ben hasn’t lived on the island his whole life.

2.18 * Hurley

  • —interesting that Libby is one of the patients at the same place Hurley is.
  • ? what is Mr. Echo building?
  • —guesstimate 2.18, building a church
  • —2.19, a church
  • ? why did Henry Gale really come back?
  • ? did Henry Gale really not push the bottom?
  • —2.23 (guesstimate), he must have because the whole thing exploded when it wasn’t pushed.

*2.19 ** Rose/Bernard

  • —Rose knows that Locke couldn’t walk before the crash.
  • ? where has Michael been?
  • —2.22, captured by the Others.
  • ? why/who is Michael running from? If he’s running from someone, why is he running with fire (they would see it!)
  • —2.22, he’s been let go by the others, but it doesn’t really explain why he would be collapsing.

2.20 *** Ana Lucia

  • —I can’t believe that people are still:
  • —1) walking through the jungle by themselves
  • —2) opening the door to the vault w/HG when they’re all alone
  • —I can’t believe Jack finally admitted to being wrong for once?
  • ? why did Michael shoot Ana Lucia/himself???
  • —2.22, to free Henry Gale for the Others (he thinks they’ll release his son)
  • ? to free Henry Gale? But by shooting himself, what does he get out of it?
  • —2.22, to free Henry Gale for the Others (he thinks they’ll release his son)
  • ? was Henry Gale really coming back to get Locke? Or was he just lying?

2.21 *** Mr. Echo

  • ? why are all the Dharma Initiative stations abandoned?
  • —Dharma Initiative station Pearl (5) watching all the other stations… the ?… hmmm
  • ? in Pearl, was there someone there recently? It looked as though there were some cigarettes or something there.
  • ? in Pearl, where does the camera record to?
  • —3.5, perhaps the Flame?
  • ? in Pearl, where does the slot/tube go?
  • —2.23, it goes to a random field somewhere
  • ? in Pearl, where do they get/keep food?
  • ? what did the others promise Michael?
  • —2.22, they promised him that they would let Michael and Walt go free.
  • —why did he have to kill Libby?
  • —do we get to figure out/know Libby’s story or is it insignificant?

*2.22 * Michael(*)

  • —(*) Michael’s character/story is rather unbelievable. As a father who has never really tried to get his son back, his desperate attempts to get him back now make no sense. Why would he kill people and release an ‘Other’ thinking that the Others will be honest in returning Walt (after attempting to kill Michael before)? This is just lame. But the overall storyline is moving on, so I liked the overall episode.
  • ? who are the Others really (Walt said they were lying about who they are)?
  • —4.X/5.X, they’ve been on the island (forever) protecting it from outsiders
  • ? why are the Others interested in those four (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley)?
  • —2.23, Hurley to go back to tell the others not to come after them
  • —3.4, Jack to do surgery on someone (guesstimate)
  • ? why are the Others making Walt take tests? What tests?
  • ? what did the Other (black woman) mean when she asked if Walt could be multiple places at once?

2.23 *** Desmond

  • —interesting that Desmond ‘crashed’ the plane onto the island. (Electromagnetic field)
  • —interesting that the General that let Sayid go was the same guy that was in the hatch when Desmond was first there.
  • —interesting that Desmond said that perhaps the experiment was on the ones in pearl (since the button was real)
  • ? did the others really let Michael/Walt go freely?
  • —4.8, yes, but now Michael is a spy for the Others
  • ? is HG the leader of the Others?
  • —3.23, mostly, but he supposedly answers to someone named “Jacob”
  • ? why does HG refer to themselves as the good guys?
  • —3.23, probably because they think that they’re doing right to keep other people away from the island.
  • ? what did HG mean when he said that he got a lot out of Walt?
  • ? what do the Others want with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer?
  • —3.12, they wanted Jack to save Ben. Kate and Sawyer, dunno…
  • ? why were the Others guarding a door that was a ‘fake’ hatch door?
  • —3.1, probably to make Michael think it was real
  • ? where is the Others’ real camp? why the fake looking camp?
  • —3.1, probably to make Michael think they lived that way.
  • ? what happened to Mr. Eko? To Locke? To Desmund?
  • —3.X, they’re okay. They were just around the island. Mr. Eko later died.
  • ? when the electromagnetic went off, how is it that Desmund’s former lady (Penny Widmore) knew to look for that?
  • ? what was the super bright light?
  • —guesstimate, the electromagnetic field?
  • ? in the end with the guys in the icey place, were they near the island?
  • ? what were the giant four-toed feet things on the way to the Others’ camp?
  • —5.X/6.X, where Jacob is living. Not sure how long it has been there or how it was built though.

Season 3

3.1 ** Jack

  • —introduced to Juliet
  • —Jack is still stupidly-stubborn
  • —The facilities they are at are huge
  • —significance in where the placed each person: Jack in a locked, dark room (in the aquarium/Hydra facility), Sawyer outside in a locked cage, and Kate in a bright room, not locked, and asked to take a shower?
  • —The others appeared to live in nice little homes… why are they so hostile?
  • ? what did Juliet mean when she said “that was a long time ago” in reference to the Dharma Initiative?
  • —5.X, the Dharma time for her was her present in S5, but she may have referenced the fact that she was there in the future (currently present)?
  • ? who was that guy (Karl) locked in a cage across from Sawyer?
  • —3.23, someone who wanted to date Ben’s daughter
  • ? why was Karl locked up?
  • —3.23, he wanted to date Ben’s daughter (and then she could get pregnant and die)
  • ? what is going to happen for the next 2 weeks according to Ben (Henry Gale). it’s going to be hell?
  • —3.2, they’re apparently putting her and Sawyer to work

3.2 * Sun/Jin

  • —obvious that they would be listening to everything that Kate, Sawyer, etc say, but what good does it do them? Or does Sawyer really expect to beat them in a fight?
  • —interesting that Ben “Henry Gale” said he lived his whole life on the island. (3.20, Ben was NOT born on the island!)
  • —Sun did cheat on her husband! Liar!
  • ? what are they digging for (the others w/Kate and Sawyer)?
  • —3.XX, they were building a runway
  • ? if the others can leave the island whenever they want, then why don’t they? Sense of control? Destiny? Something else?
  • ? why does Ben not care that Sayid found the fake camp?
  • ? what’s up with Rousseau’s daughter and Karl?
  • —3.23, they’re kids and they ‘love each other’
  • ? is the communication thingy in Jack’s cell really broken? How is it that he’s hearing all this stuff?
  • ? how did the Others get the communication (broadcast) of the regular people off the island (Red Sox winning World Series)
  • —3.11, probably from the Flame (communication) station.

3.3 Locke

  • ? how did Locke end up with all the hippie marijuana growers?
  • ? how did Desmond know about the conversation/speech that Locke was going to give before he gave it (to save Jack, Sawyer, and Kate)?
  • —3.8, Desmond can somehow see the future (or parts of it)

*3.4 **** Sawyer

  • —Sawyer (maybe) has a daughter.
  • ? what did Desmond build? A lightning rod (to make glass)?
  • —3.8, a lighting rod so that Charlie wouldn’t die.
  • ? what island do the others actually live on? Where is their camp?
  • —3.12, the others camp (the barracks) is on the main island.
  • ? is their facility actually on a different island or is the island they are on a recursion of itself?
  • —3.7, I’m pretty sure that it is actually a different island.
  • ? who has the spinal cord tumor and is that why they really wanted Jack?
  • —3.5, Ben.
  • ? Juliet said that their charger things didn’t work and they’ve never had a need for them. Do they live in some “utopian society” or what?
  • —3.5, apparently not. Juliet wants Jack to kill Ben “accidentally” during his operation

3.5 ** Mr. Eko

  • —Am I really expected to believe that people are STILL wandering the island alone?
  • —Mr. Eko died
  • ? who was eye-patch man?
  • —3.11, an other at the Flame (communications post), Mikhail.
  • ? why does Juliet want Ben killed? (What’s the bigger story there?)
  • —3.7, I’m guessing that she really doesn’t want him dead, but she just wants to leave the island (she’s been there 3+ years)
  • ? who was that ‘being’ Mr. Eko’s brother?
  • —Hypothesis: The monster is able to take on shapes of bodies on the island… or perhaps even memories of others.
  • ? why did the monster kill Mr. Eko? Why this time and not last time?
  • ? what did Mr. Eko mean when he said “you’re next”?
  • ? what exactly did Locke ‘see’ on Mr. Eko’s stick that got him thinking?
  • —3.~9, something that pointed him to go North.
  • ? what did Desmond build (the lightning rod)?
  • —3.8, a lightning Rod so that the lightning would hit the rod and not kill Charlie

3.6 ** Kate

  • —Nathan Fillion is a guest star! Yay!
  • —Wow. Sayid actually said that it’s not safe for people to wander alone. AMAZING.
  • —Jack used his brain for the last 2 episodes. I’m AMAZED.
  • ? did the others let Jack out on purpose so that he could see Kate and Sawyer together?
  • —guesstimate, yes.
  • ? who was the girl on the comm that talked to Jack?
  • —guesstimate, Juliet.

3.7 * Juliet

  • —So, Juliet is a fertility doctor. And it appears she signed on to come to the island (though she probably didn’t know the details) and she’s now been told by Ben that she can leave (after 3+ years)
  • —Ethan helped ‘recruit’ Juliet, which means he was both on and off the island.
  • ? why do the Others need/want fertility doctors?
  • —3.16, the women on the island are not able to have kids/be pregnant.
  • ? are the Others sterile?
  • —3.16, the women on the island are not able to have kids/be pregnant.
  • ? why doesn’t Ben like Karl?
  • —3.9, just trying to be with his ‘daughter’
  • ? so were the Others trying to ‘brainwash’ Karl?

3.8 * Desmond

  • —Didn’t really progress the show, but interesting none-the-less (not really a flash-forward or flash-back)

3.9 Jack

  • ? What were the tailies doing watching Jack?
  • ? Were the tailies ‘brainwashed’ ala Karl?

3.10 Hugo

  • ? What were the exact blueprints for? Definitely a road?
  • ---3.XX, probably the runway?

3.11 * Sayid

  • ? why did the Dharma Initiative have a back-up thing to blow up the communication post (the Flame)?
  • ? why did the Others keep Mikhail over at the communication post?
  • ? why did Eye-Patch (Mikhail) shoot the Other girl?
  • ? did they want Locke to win the chess match to blow up the Flame? If so, then why not just blow it up themselves?
  • ? did the Others(AKA the “hostiles”) kill most of the Dharma people?
  • —3.20, yes, they wiped most of them out

*3.12 *** Claire

  • —Claire and Jack are related! Whoa.
  • ? why was Jack playing football with the Others?
  • —3.13, the Others promised Jack that they would let him go.
  • ? if Locke knew about the C4, why did he really want to blow up the Flame?
  • —3.13, Locke doesn’t really want to leave the island b/c it healed him and his dad isn’t there/can’t find him. He believes that communicating with the outside world is ‘cheating’
  • ? who was the great man that brought Eye-Patch man (Mikhail) to the island if not Ben?
  • —3.16, Jacob? see 3.20 for more

3.13 *** Locke

  • —Locke’s dad put him in the wheel chair!
  • ? how did Locke’s dad get to the island?
  • ? did the Other’s bring Locke’s dad to the island earlier?
  • ? is Locke’s dad the man from Tallahassee?
  • —X, yes.
  • ? is there really a magic box that cab have anything appear if you want it to?
  • —if there is a box, that would explain the random things showing up (Jack’s dad, the Horse, etc) perhaps

*3.14 *** Nikki and Paulo

  • —who in the world is Nikki and Paulo?
  • —buried alive… that sucks as a way to die!
  • —no questions or answers

3.15 Kate

  • ? why is Locke going with the others?
  • —3.19, because he wants to stay on the island and he wants answers
  • ? what deal did Locke make with the Others for Kate?

3.16 ** Juliet

  • —loved Juliet telling off Sayid and Sawyer
  • ? why can’t the women on the island get pregnant (without dying)?
  • ? how did Ben/Jacob/Etc cure Juliet’s sister’s cancer?
  • ? who is Jacob?
  • —3.20, someone who’s invisibly leading the Others (only Ben can see him)…
  • ? what’s the point of Juliet infiltrating the Oceanic camp?
  • —3.18, to find out who is pregnant

*3.17 *** Desmond

  • ? who was the girl that fell from the helicopter?
  • —3.19, some girl who works for Penny
  • —3.23, she apparently does not work for Penny.
  • ? how does the girl from the helicopter know Desmond?
  • —3.19, she works for Penny
  • —3.23, she apparently does not work for Penny.
  • ? does the girl from the helicopter work for Penny?
  • —3.19, yes
  • —3.23, she apparently does not work for Penny.
  • ? how is Mikhail alive?
  • —3.20, supposedly, the sound barrier wasn’t fully up.

*3.18 ** Sun

  • ? obviously, Juliet is ‘working’ for Ben, but why? (re-hash of 3.16 question)
  • —3.21/22, seems like she’s not really working for Ben (7 others killed).

3.19 *** Locke

  • —so Locke’s dad is the guy who conned Sawyer’s mother?
  • —Sawyer killed Locke’s dad!
  • ? was Richard Alpert (dark hair guy) really serious about people getting frustrated with Ben?
  • ? what does Jack/Juliet know that they don’t want to tell Kate?
  • —3.20, the fact that Juliet already told Jack of when the others are supposed to be raiding their camp.

3.20 *** Ben

  • ? is Jacob real?
  • —5.16-17, yes.
  • ? if not, then how did the room shake/who did Locke hear (who said ‘help me’)?
  • —5.X/6.X, it was actually Smokey then and he was stuck behind the powder
  • ? if so, then why can only Ben see Jacob?
  • —5.X/6.X, actually Ben can’t see Jacob.
  • ? if so, then why/how does Jacob need help? Did Ben somehow lock him up?
  • —6.X, it was the Smokey who was actually locked up (presumably by Jacob?)
  • ? Richard Alpert (dark hair guy) lives on the island… is he immortal? Why doesn’t he age?
  • —6.9, He came to the island then and Jacob gave him “immortality”.
  • ? how many of the ‘others/hostiles’ are from the original group? How many did Ben bring?
  • ? how did Ben gain ‘leadership’ of the others?
  • ? what happened to the girl that Ben liked as a kid?
  • —seriously, what’s the point of waiting to tell everyone that the Others are planning on raiding their camp?

3.21 * Charlie

  • ? what made Ben want to go after the tent early? did Jacob really tell him to?
  • ? did Desmond lie to Charlie about the switch?
  • —3.22, I don’t think so. I just think he didn’t know there were people there.
  • ? did Juliet really know that people were down in the underwater station (The Looking Glass)? It ‘seemed’ like she didn’t but…
  • —3.22, Ben lied to his people about it being flooded.

3.22 ** Jack

  • FF:
  • ? what was on the piece of paper that made Jack want to commit suicide?
  • —3.23, someone’s obituary?
  • N:
  • ? why can’t Ben just let everyone leave the island?
  • ? why did Ben really lie to his people about the Looking Glass being flooded?
  • ? how is Walt back? Or why can Locke see them?
  • —5.7, is it when Walt dreams that he sees what happens and can ‘warn’ people on the island?
  • ? why can’t Locke walk gone again?
  • ? why did Juliet want to go back?

3.23 * Jack

  • ? Desmond knows it isn’t Penny’s boat… so?
  • ? how did they get off the island?
  • —4.14, they took a helicopter, then a raft, and got to Penny’s boat then went on to ‘get rescued’
  • ? who is the ‘he’ that Kate was referring to?
  • —4.10, guesstimate, Sawyer
  • ? why/how did Locke know that they shouldn’t try to leave the island?
  • ? why/how did Ben know that they shouldn’t try to leave the island?
  • ? why does Jack want to go back to the island?
  • —4.14, because Jack has a hero-complex and he still wants to get others off the island
  • ? so who does the helicopter girl work for?
  • —4.6-8, Charles Widmore
  • ? how did she get a picture of Penny and Desmond?
  • —4.X, she was working for Widmore, who probably got it from is daughter somehow.
  • ? who was in the coffin that Jack went to see?
  • —4.14, it was Jeremy Bentham (aka John Locke)