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Short TV Show Title Sequences

I’m a huge fan of short title sequences. For me, it started with Lost, which really wasn’t that great, but it was one of the first that I saw in that style. Since then, I’ve watched an assortment of other shows with short title sequences.

As of this posting, I couldn’t find the intros online (youtube). I know that most are on Netflix, so perhaps I’ll screen capture them sometime in the near future and put them here… until then, bear with me.


The one that started it all for me. The sweet zoom.


So much potential (in the show). Why the eclipse? Pretty interesting.


I like the idea of the repetition.

Legend of the Seeker

Pretty boring sequence. The sword looked too fake.


By far the best one- I love the use of morse code to share something about each episode.


Could have been used ala Flashforward to share a little of each episode.


Interesting take, similar to Jericho, but pictures are always too revealing, or not good enough.

No Ordinary Family

The house with the window open… meh.