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A Minor Update for 2109

tldr; Baby, DWP Redesign, ProgrammingTIL, YouTube, Code


First off, just wanted to apologize (mostly to myself) but also any readers who happen to be out there for not updating this blog in 5 years. Yes FIVE. Wow, sad panda. I’m hoping to get back to it more often this year.

Current Work

Over the last several years I’ve worked on Uvize (which we sold a few years ago), then I took some time off, did some contract work, and am now employed with hobbyDB.

Screencasting, YouTube, Argentina, and Baby

In 2016 and 2017, I restarted Screencasting, and made over 200 videos. That same year, I took off for 10 weeks to travel to Argentina with the wife. End of 2017, I stopped again, because wife was having a baby. She’s stellar, but obviously been quite a bit of work this last year.

Site Redesign

I just finished redesigning this site (minor), but made it much more easy to read and improve its rendering on mobile devices.

This Year

This year will see a refocus on my YouTube channel (ProgrammingTIL) and subsequently, the ProgrammingTIL website. I went ahead and built out a simple platform for it, and this year I’ll be expanding it to become a nice, simple, but powerful application to serve video content.

Let’s Go!

Alright, public post is a go! No turning back now.