Ludum Dare 24: Evolutionary Chocolatier

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See concept and instructions below


You're a run of the mill chocolatier. But you want to make it big. You need to learn, adapt, and evolve, if you want to make the big $$$.


Select your ingredients from the ingredients area. You can select up to 6 (different) ingredients. Once you have selected your ingredients, press the -> button in the prep area.

Next, turn on the stove and let it begin... then start making the next chocolate. Once a chocolate achieves temperature between 95 and 99, turn off the burner to let it begin tempering (this is lower than what you would do in real life).

Once the temperature drops back down between 88 and 90 degrees, press the -> button for the corresponding stove to send it to the molds. Don't let it drop below 88 degrees or you'll have to reheat it back to 105!

Sell off the chocolate once it's cooled in the mold and make serious $$$!

Gameplay things I wanted TODO, but didn't have time

Keyboard Shortcuts

First click inside the canvas, then you can use keyboard shortcuts

Known Bugs